ROAD to BAM!🚡 β™‚πŸš΅ ♀ 25 September 2020

From Asiago to Campo Canoa to Mantua!

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ASIAGO 25 SEPTEMBER 2020 🚡 β™‚πŸš΅ ♀

ROAD to BAM! From the Asiago Plateau to Campo Canoa in Bikepacking.


Bam! it is the most troubled European gathering of cyclists. The event of those who choose the horizon, a couple of wheels and the wind on the face. We strange cycle travelers with heart beating for the bike, we heard once again the call.
Yes, Mantua takes it, the BAM! He's demanding us. All together! In one trip!
Supported, assisted and pampered by our loyal Shuttle Support we will load our simple luggage to travel lighter.
With our bikes and in bikepacking mode, at 08:00 on Friday 25 September 2020 we will start from the forecourt of the 3T Bike Hotel Col del Sole, located on the Asiago Plateau in Via Chiesa 52.

Smiling we will follow the track of about 200 km or so towards Mantua, passing through Malo where we will immediately collect other cycle eager travelers of the party that awaits us.
We will cross Vicenza, passing through the charming Piazza dei Signori where we will join even other cycle travelers who have come from the Venezie. We will point the Vicentina countryside, towards the Veronese to skirt Lake Garda. Further on, a stop in Valeggio on the Mincio, or where it seems with beer and snacks, where we will meet with other strays and cyclists descended from the Bergamo valleys.

The caravan will stop at Miss Grape Base Camp and friends of 3T Cycling.

In the evening, Mantua will welcome us. The BAM! It is once again ours, a week of music, old friends and lots of beer that will introduce us to new ones. Once again we will mount our tent here, because our thousand-star Hotel is also here, nose up and a deep breath and Good Night BAM!
On Sunday for those who want to return to our cities always with Shuttle van in tow, for those who prefer instead will depart comfortable trains from the station.
Symbolic fee for reimbursement of expenses for those who choose assistance and luggage storage. 10,00

The track will be published here on the event on September 23rd.

πŸ“ž Luca 393 4459571 - Giulia 3342238740

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