Discover the plateau and the highest peaks on the Hotel's Exploro 3T, hundreds of kilometres of military roads, forest tracks and mule track design an incredible dirt road network for Gravel bikes. The Asiago Plateau is a region with unique characteristics in Europe where this secondary road uses a natural morphology characterized by a wide central hollow bounded by mountains that take gradually. This makes the plateau of Asiago-seven municipalities the ideal destination for many enthusiasts of this discipline and the Col del Sole Bike Hotel is their point of reference.

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Gravel activities and Tours-discover our proposals

Activity 2019: We provide a program of outputs, from the simple cycle path to the most demanding excursions. We organize day and night excursions with the possibility to test our

E-Bike, particularly suitable for mountain paths.  Even during the winter months you can follow us in our snow exits that always give you beautiful challenges and emotions.


The Asiago Plateau 7 municipalities are the proposal par excellence for all bike lovers looking for adventure, variety and natural landscapes from postcard in a scenery that could not be more suggestive: the Dolomites. Spring is the ideal season for the many cyclists who, after the long winter, can not wait to get back in the saddle.

... What better place than the plateau?

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Bikepacking Event: 7Rando 2019

The Col del Sole Bike Hotel and Highland Outdoor are the organizers of 7Rando, the first and then important Bikepacking event dedicated to the world of Gravel and Mountain biking that was held on the plateau of Asiago on 25 and 26 May 2019.


Hotel partners

Among the partners of the hotel we are proud to mention 3T cycling Italian company that produces, Gravel Bikes blazing speeds, a combination of technology, innovation and beauty. The plateau of Asiago-Asiago is told with a short film within their cycling adventure program called Exploro. Other brand Italian attend Col Del Sole Bike Hotel is MissGrape, a leading company for the production of travel bags for Bikepacking adventures riding these bicycles.

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Ride and enjoy our tours

Our tours Gravel leave directly from the Bike Hotel Col del Sole, you can upload the track on your GPS or be accompanied by our guides. Paths during the day along the legendary roads of the great war, or more days in an incredible adventure, completing the entire route of 7Rando exploiting rustic yet cozy campfires, huts. Or even reach Lake Garda, the nearby Dolomites or the Venice lagoon taking advantage of dirt tracks, routes and b-roads. You just ride and have fun, we'll do logistics.

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